What’s better, Latex or Memory or spring or PU Foam Mattresses?

Many people are choosing products that are more environmentally friendly, that are made out of recycled materials, and that are made out of healthier and more natural products. “Green” consumers are expanding their search past Eco-friendly foods and body care products and seeking out clothing, house wares, and furniture that are green as well. Many of these people are also searching for a green mattress. Even if you have never heard of one, these organic and Eco-friendly mattresses are available on the market and are a healthier choice not only for the environment, but also for your family.

latex mattress vs spring mattress

Spring mattress use synthetic foams & synthetic chemical fabrics and also the Coil system of Spring mattress allows more motion disturbance when you sleep.

Whereas A latex is popularly known as green mattress which is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to the person who sleeps eight hours a night on it as well. The latex foam mattress conforms to your body to alleviate the high pressure points that can cause stiffness, pain, and discomfort.

Latex mattress is made out of natural latex which is derived from the milky sap of the rubber tree. The outer covering of the mattress is made out of all natural wool and an organic cotton-quilted cover. This means that it is both Eco-friendly and biodegradable. This is good news for those who care about our environment and for future generations to come. The Latex mattresses are handcrafted and usually come with up to a 12 year warranty. Because buying a mattress is a big investment, having a warranty is very important.

latex mattress vs memory foam mattress

It has been said that in some products they use chemicals such as formaldehyde that has been causing skin irritation and others are reporting a strong odor that smells like vinegar. If your memory foam topper is manufactured overseas it is not subject to the regulations that are imposed here in the United States and you run a much higher risk of getting something that could make you sick.

One of the biggest complaints with memory foam mattresses is that because these mattresses are temperature sensitive, softening and molding with your body heat, they can make you feel extremely hot during the night. Breus also says memory foam mattresses have been known to emit an unpleasant chemical smell.

Whereas Latex naturally has an anti-microbial property and is resistant to dust-mites. This is great news for people who have allergies. The Latex mattress can relieve some of your allergy symptoms and help you breathe easier during the night. Latex is also breathable. That means it will keep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. As consumers seek out and demand more eco-friendly and organic products the market will continue to grow to meet that demand. As you can see, a green mattress not only is good for the environment and helps you get a better night’s sleep, but it also reduces your exposure to chemicals found in conventionally made mattresses.

Although more expensive, the natural latex coming from the rain forests of South America and from places like Sri Lanka have some natural properties that make it a better mattress. They are naturally resistant to parasitic growths that make them an excellent choice for people with allergies. Unlike the earlier foam mattresses, latex mattresses have the resistance of a regular mattress but with all the added features of a foam mattress.

Because natural latex is made from rubber it gives way to your body as you sleep but comes back to its original shape when your weight is off it again. Just as there are latex mattresses made from natural and synthetic latex, there are latex mattresses made with a combination of natural rubber curing processes. They use both the Dunlop and the Talalay methods in the same latex mattresses to adjust the level of firmness that a sleeper might require.
latex mattress vs PU foam–

Pu foam is highly flammable & a very dangerous material.

The basic problem comes for this foam for the use of its polyurethane foam in the upholstered furniture & mattresses.
Because of Polyurethane this foam releases huge heat when its burning. The main problem with this poly foam is that this foam can have a very distinct smell & is one of the reason for off-gassing.

Since our body is exposed in a mattress and its materials for at least eight hours/day , the chemical reaction produces mild type allergy which actually be severe because of long duration stay with this chemicals. It has also caused aches & pain for some sensitive users and exposure of this has caused for both mild & extremely headaches

Whereas latex mattress topper can abate areas of high pressure and impart correct support of your body, producing a considerably more restful night’s rest. They are in addition hypo allergenic & also they naturally hold off mildew, which should be a result for somebody who suffers from an allergic reaction. Latex rubber is also renowned for its strength. Latex mattress pads constructed from latex foam rubber should endure as long as 30 years. Since they will be unsurprisingly malleable, latex foam mattresses have need of a harder mattress platform, including the slat frame bed.

A latex rubber pillow pad is ordinarily produced which is actually an identical process to this make of mattress pad. However this may possibly not every time be the circumstances, and various bedding companies supply mixed latex foam pillow pads that will contain man-made latex rubber.

The green and natural factor of owning a natural pillow pad that is more environmentally supportive brings most consumers to latex rubber pillow pads, and these buyers may like to shopping for those that are sold as completely natural latex rubber to prevent getting artificially made pillow pads. Although, some other individuals may sleep on combined naturally derived and synthetic latex foam since they give stable and resilient support, and also they are completely as durable, although being vastly less expensive.

The latex foam found in beds is extra strong and a good quality product made from latex should last for a very long time. However, for anyone who isn’t prepared or mayn’t be able to lash out to completely get rid of their old mattress, but also want to have extra support, a different option is to purchase the latex-foam rubber mattress topper. This sort of foam mattress topper can add extensive extra softness to the present mattress that appears too hard.

The latex mattress foam rubber bed topper is on the market in differing sizes appropriate for any size of bed base, &there are also many plus points about these latex mattress toppers that users recommend. They have a tendency not to hold on to unpleasant odors, a familiar hindrance with a few brands of visco elastic foam.

Latex mattress are also not prone to become twisted through use. An added plus point is the fact that these mattresses are all more ventilated than any other types of foam mattresses and consumers should find this feature comforting if they can become warm or frequently feel hot flashes throughout their sleep. Moreover, the actuality that these types of mattresses & mattress toppers can persist for 20 years is renowned and may possibly make a case for investing in a latex mattress topper.

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