What do you need to know about diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is one of the noninfectious epidemics of our century, in the risk group of which almost every second inhabitant of the planet is located. If you feel very tired, does not pass even on weekends, constantly want to sleep, and drink, you have itchy skin and tingling in hands and feet – it is, perhaps, the first signs of high blood sugar in the blood.

Because of the gluten saturation, the blood begins to thicken and does not pass through the small blood vessels , and as a result, the entire body is under attack. Therefore, think about prevention right now, because it will not only help your health, but also save future generations ( because this disease is inherited).

Give me water!

2 liters of water ( we are talking about mineral water or water without gases, not about tea, juices and coffee) a day will support your health. It triggers complex reactions of our body and promotes the production of insulin. Drink a glass of water in the morning and during the day before each meal – this will help reduce blood glucose.

Meals with knowledge

Fast food, rare snacks, a lot of canned food, sausages and animal fats does not have a good effect on your appearance and, more importantly, on health. If possible, exclude light carbohydrates from the diet, eat 5-6 times a day in small portions (so you will lower the load on the pancreas) and lean on vegetables and fruits. In special honor you should have cabbage, carrots, radish, beets and citrus fruits. Remember that, that being overweight – is half the proportion of the risk for diabetes.


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Physical education lesson

With physical activity, glucose does not stagnate in the blood. But even if you do not have time for training in the gym 3 times a week, you can do physical activity and on the way to work. Walk more ( at least 30 minutes a day) and on the stairs, at the lunch break, do a few sit-ups, and during home affairs think up your own exercises ( for example, when ironing the clothes, desperately swing their feet).

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No stress!

Dodgy neighbors, grumpy grandmothers at the entrance, an intrusive colleague and accidentally appeared in your life, the former should not touch a single string of your soul. Stay calm is the guarantee of the health of the whole organism. The absence of stress directly affects the prevention of diabetes: once you begin to get nervous, you have high blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease, which, in turn, depends on blood sugar. So smile, listen to good music, read books of your favorite authors and communicate only with pleasant people. Nerves are more expensive.


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Bad habits

Alcohol and nicotine also increase blood pressure, so these habits will have to be abandoned. Do what, like New Yorkers: buy yourself a harmless electronic cigarettes, of which the water vapor is inhaled instead of nicotine, but instead of alcohol drink more water.

People’s Councils

With whatever skepticism you are not related to folk medicine , take it as a habit to replace tea and coffee with an infusion of herbs. Chaga, nettle, blackberries, licorice – all of these herbs have been treated our ancestors, and in our time, scientists have shown, that the herbs really help to normalize blood sugar levels. No one advises you to wander through the woods in search of the right leaves – good, now on sale a lot of natural phytospores, which taste good, and are good for health.

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