What are the risks and consequences effects of purple drank?

Purple Drank that widely known as sizzurp and Lean drink is very dangerous for our health. It’s a very harmful drug that has been getting so popular among the young kids these days. Purple drank has been publicized often by various Hip-Hop songs, through social media, and by some online videos. There you see this drug is presenting as a huge glamorized drink which makes it even more lucrative to the youth. But do we really care about the ultimate risk that involved of consuming this drink? Now we should seriously think about it before getting the situation even worse. Meanwhile, I am going to put some tragic incidents that already occurred due to this cocktail mixer. For example, many stars who once love to heralded this purple drank are now badly suffering from its deadly consequences. You may already know Rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized after overdosing this Purple Drank and the reason behind the deaths of DJ Screw in 2000  and rapper Pimp C in 2007 was connected to purple drank. But sadly this killer drug is often presented as a harmless drink. But the truth is quite different and it is the most dangerous drug this time around.

Lucrative ingredients behind this drug:

One of the best reason why this purple drank is getting so much appealing is its ingredients. You know the drink mostly made up of delicious and harmless ingredients like soda (Sprite or Mountain Dew) and the Jolly Rancher candies. But the trouble began when a cough syrup that contains codeine is added in there. For your understanding Codeine is an opioid that produces an instantaneous and dissociative feeling between our mind and the body. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says it often acts as a drunk element and its users often say they can’t even stand up straightly.

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A Dangerous drug for health issue

Experts are informing that this purple drank is one of the most dangerous drugs to be watched out. Doesn’t matter how perceived and harmless ingredients used for the whole mixture. Keep in mind that it contains codeine that comes from the same family as heroin. This drug has highly addictive elements and as a result, people’s engage with it very quickly.

Overdosing is the main problem on purple drank because the consumer doesn’t know how much codeine they’ve consumed. The great sweetness and its fun looking colors inviting all to get a sip of cocktail and they can have it all day long. If someone gets addicted to this, it will be very difficult for us to help them to recover. If you know someone who is exhibiting the signs of purple drank addiction, don’t hesitate to bring him the necessary medical help immediately.

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