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This article offers different remedies for cough, although cough is a sign that something does not function well in the body and have to fix it.

What is cough?

Coughing is necessary to remove foreign bodies and present mucus in the trachea and airways of the lungs.

Causes of cough

Coughing is actually a symptom and not a disease. It can indicate the presence of sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, Mobdro Download influenza, virus, asthma, lung cancer, etc.

Dry cough can be caused by the presence of mucus formed by infections and colds, chemicals in the atmosphere, foreign objects or nervousness. The wet cough is caused by inflammation of the bronchi caused by an infection or allergy.

cough remedies

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Numerous cough remedies herbaceous as well as for other respiratory disorders that accompany it: expectorants to stimulate the expulsion of phlegm; suppressors that mitigate persistent, dry cough cosquillante; Emulsifiers to relieve irritation of mucous membranes and bactericides that fight infection.

Remedy for cough medicine ayurveda

4 teaspoons toasted coriander seeds in a pan, and then boil the seeds with 4 cups of water and 4 pieces of ginger. Reduce to 2 cups of liquid, strain and drink.

Remedies for Cough

  • The tincture or syrup garlic may help the body fight infection and cleanse the body. To prepare the tincture should be placed several cloves of garlic brandy and marinate for 2-3 weeks, then strain. To prepare the syrup is due to mix fresh garlic with honey.
  • You can mix mustard powder with water and applied as a poultice on the chest. You can also prepare a poultice of roasted onion and apply it on the chest or drink a broth of onion to ease and reduce congestion.

Phytotherapy or herbal cough

Some of the most effective ways to relieve cough herbal medicine, infusion, are the Sundew, Thyme, Anise, Ginger, fennel, coltsfoot, etc.

  • Peppermint tea can help relieve cough. If irritating cough can be used marshmallow, anise and wild cherry bark.
  • Marshmallow is emollient and expectorant soothes the respiratory mucous membranes that are inflamed. If infection can add the thyme.

Cough remedies, depending on the type

  • Wet cough: seek an expectorant effect. Tea, hot, honey ginger warms the body and relieves such cough and cold symptoms. Eucalyptus, sundew, cinnamon, balsam poplar, bloodroot, Mobdro APK hawkweed, white horehound, the aloe vera cowslip, common violet and elecampane.
  • Dry cough: are advisable wilted plants that cough and soothe irritation. Marshmallow, flower or bud fir, flower mallow, plantain, flaxseed, red poppy, altea, mullein, Irish moss, lichen Iceland, etc.

Thyme, sundew and propolis (propolis) will always be a good addition to any combination of plants cough.


Inhaling steam essential oil boiled eucalyptus in water as it is expectorant and decongestant (avoid asthmatics) may also be used pine essential oil placed in a vaporizer to relieve cough and restore the lungs.

Massaging the back and chest with sandalwood essential oil.

Homeopathy for Cough

  • Puls: in cases of wet cough that is worse in the morning and at night when you are in bed.
  • Ant. Tart.: especially useful in older adults suffering from persistent cough and have lungs filled with phlegm but have nothing to expectorate.
  • Rumex: in cases of cough itchy throat, when cold air irritates the nose and throat.
  • Bry: for dry cough that produces chest pain when coughing.
  • Phosphorous: in cases of cough itchy throat, in sensitive people who have a weak chest.
  • Droseras: in case of violent coughing, itchy throat, nausea and pain in the ribs.
  • Chamomilla: in cases of dry, irritating cough with wheezing, and cough that worsens at night.
  • Aconite: in cases of hard, dry, constant, acute cough that worsens at night and improves with cold. The person is anxious and restless, constipated and worsens with exposure to cold winds.
  • Belladonna: in cases of short, dry cough, which worsens day. Courses, usually with chest pain aside, the person’s head and chest and coughing grasps want to drink large quantities of cold water.
  • Hepar sulph: if the cough is caused by infection (usually bronchitis), with presence of wheezing, shortness of breath and weakness. It comes with a fever.
  • Sulphur: cough produces sputum is wet and dirty, thick and greenish – yellow appearance. This remedy is useful in chronic conditions.

Important: if the cough persists for more than 10 days or is accompanied by fever, difficulty breathing, blue lips or purple, dizziness and slurred speech, should receive immediate medical attention. For more health tips visit

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