What Time Of Day Is The Best Time To Run?

What time is it better to run: in the morning or in the evening? Friends, this is a global question! Before responding to it, it should be understood that there are 2 categories of runners before us: To the first category, we refer those people who prefer to run only in the morning. The jogging is accompanied by an excellent state of health, mood. Another group includes people who prefer evening workouts.

Let’s analyze in more detail each group, find out the benefits and harm to the health of each time.

Running in the morning

Running in the morning hours or the first hour after awakening will be useful to those who run in the 1st and 2nd pulse zone. Such training should not be accompanied by heavy loads. On the contrary, running should be easy and calm.What Time Of Day Is The Best Time To Run?

It is not recommended to run immediately after waking up. It is best to do simple physical exercises during the first hour after sleep:

  • Start the day with a light basic workout;
  • Go to exercises on CFP (general physical training);
  • Carry out a set of exercises for the feet;
  • Complete the cycle of stretching the gastronomies muscles and muscles of the back and front surface of the thigh.

Such a complex of exercises, as a rule, has a duration of 30 to 50 minutes. Perfectly prepare the body after awakening to the morning load.

Strictly not recommended! After awakening, the body has not yet retired from sleep and running with strong physical exertion (when running in 3-4 pulse zones) will be extremely harmful to the cardiovascular system of your body. Try to choose for a run during these hours a quieter rhythm.

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Running in the evening

Approximately the same recommendations for running in the evening time of the day. For those who work,

Training can start at 19: 00-20: 00. This time is ideal for quiet runs (1-2 pulse zones). At such a time it is important not to tear and not force the body.What Time Of Day Is The Best Time To Run?

If you have the opportunity to run between 14:00 and 17:00 hours – then this time is suitable for interval and cross runs, which are accompanied by more serious loads (running in 3-4 pulse zones). This time is suitable for training professional runners.

Important! Running in the evening should not begin 2-3 hours before bedtime and not earlier than two hours after a close meal.

Therefore, if you run out of the house in the evening time, it is best not to overeat. Enough 200-300 grams of easily digestible food. Excellent for food buckwheat porridge, but the main less heavy write (for example, it is better to refuse to take meat).

Running on weekends

Many of us have a working week, so we do not have the opportunity to run early in the morning or late in the evening after returning home. The body is tired, requires rest and relaxation. Many do not have enough time to dress their sneakers and allocate their favorite hour of time. Therefore, Saturday and Sunday are great days for more strength training, training with high intensity.

The interval between training sessionsWhat Time Of Day Is The Best Time To Run?

Professional coaches recommend running through the day, 2-3 times a week. It is important that between sessions took 1-2 days and the body could rest and recover. It is necessary to have one or two days for strength exercises. This was written above – for a run with high-intensity weekend days are good.


In the morning and evening hours, running should take place in an easy mode, with work in 1-2 pulse zones. Strong loads at this time are not recommended. Since in the morning, we need to prepare the body for the start of a new day, and in the evening, on the contrary, we will need to prepare our body for bed.

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