The importance of relaxation for well being

For those of us who are used to constantly being on the move, it’s easy to forget about what it means to stop and truly relax. There are many things that we do and at the same time make ourselves think that we are doing relaxation when in fact it is not.

For example, we tend to think that lying on the couch and watching TV is a real rest. Compared with running around and doing various housework, it’s really a holiday. But watching a horror movie is obviously not going to be such a relaxing exercise as if you were lying on a beautiful sandy beach listening to the sounds of gentle waves rolling to the shore.

By this I want to say that those things that we consider as rest and relaxation are, as a rule, a comparative equivalent to other activities that we consider as work, duties, etc.

relaxation for well being

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And not only that, we tend to take time to rest only when all other affairs are over. For most of us, rest never takes priority. We just give it a few minutes whenever we can do it. Ideally, we should be able to put all things aside and devote all our time to rest and relaxation, but in reality very few of us actually do this. We are aware of the importance of recreation, but are inclined to ignore it.

And so, when we seize those few “stolen moments”, the most important thing is to use this time wisely. Make sure that you do so in most cases when these precious moments come.

You can spend some time in nature, lie on the grass, enjoying the sun and a light breeze, doing nothing more, and just enjoying the moment. Realize that you have not really done this for quite some time.

You will feel tremendous benefit from this. You will feel really relaxed, calm and peaceful. This feeling must be actively sought and experienced by each of us as often as possible. We can not always go to nature or enjoy the sun. But, nevertheless, despite this, we can count on the strength of our own mind.

In our imagination, we can create an ideal environment for relaxation. As a child, you undoubtedly created an imaginary world for yourself and were absorbed in playing a script. We have a natural ability, a natural talent, to represent and clearly visualize different situations. And this visualization evokes feelings that are very truthful and very real. Represented images that we create, as a result, cause real feelings.

Rest, tranquility and peace are feelings that are vital for a sense of well-being in this world. You can easily create an imaginary world where you can relax in an instant and derive appropriate benefits.

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