The flu vaccine will be made with a plaster

A group of Japanese researchers at Osaka University has developed the prototype of a flu vaccine administered through a patch.

The news will please those who suffer from balenofobia, fear of needles that adherence to certain treatments makes it difficult in many cases, but the initial requirement is to create a tool capable of preventing seasonal flu and contagious diseases, especially in developing countries where it is scarce economic resources that the qualified medical personnel.

the-flu-vaccine-will-be-made-with-a-plasterHow does MicroHyala

MicroHyala is the name of the patch prototype administering drugs against influenza and beyond.It is applied as a normal patch but, in contact with the water, free of microneedles of hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in our body, which are anchored to the surface layer of the skin before releasing the whey and transport the medicine in the body.

The MicroHyala are at least three advantages:

  1. Absence of pain and discomfort related to the use of the needle
  2. Strong limitation of contraindications observed with the traditional administration of vaccines, such as needles that break, discomfort of people with phobia of needles, difficulty to “find” the vein
  3. It can be administered even by unskilled personnel since the patch can be applied by any medical personnel without difficulty.

For the moment, MicroHyala is a prototype tested in mice and showed encouraging results. The experiment allowed to perfect each time the patch for the vaccine: at first, the microneedles were silicone or metal but there was a real risk that would break and remain stuck in the epidermis and then enter the bloodstream body. The appropriate solution is reached with the use of microneedles which release hyaluronic acid, a substance free of contraindications because present naturally in our body.

The most optimistic experts estimate that as early as next year we can use the patch for the flu vaccine and prevention of other diseases.

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