The best remedies against high cholesterol, here’s how to lower it

There are a lot of people, especially the elderly, who have come up with blood tests attesting high cholesterol. Certainly this is a common problem, but its spread does not obviously diminish the risk it involves: the main consequence of cholesterol is to develop fat deposits in the blood vessels, thus obstructing normal blood circulation. The results can therefore be different, but in any case serious if the right countermeasures are not taken: it is possible that the heart does not receive enough oxygen-rich blood, thus giving way to a heart attack. Or it is possible that you do not receive enough blood flow to your brain, so that you can lead to a dangerous stroke. From this you can understand how important it is to know and practice the best anti-cholesterol remedies.

The high cholesterol values

When is cholesterol to be considered high and therefore a problem? The values ​​to be checked in the results of blood tests to see if cholesterol is high or is in standard levels are four. The first value to be monitored is that of LDL cholesterol, that is what is usually called ‘bad’ and that it is attached to the walls of the arteries, thus removing space for the bloodstream. Its optimal value is 100 mg / dl. The second value to be monitored is HDL cholesterol, which, unlike the former, is definitely useful over a certain threshold; specifically, should be present in an amount greater than 60 mg / dl. Another single value to keep under eye is that of triglycerides,of particular lipid molecules that, if accumulated in excess, increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. In this case, their optimal value is less than 150 mg / dl. Finally, the value of Total Cholesterol, given by the sum of HDL, LDL and VLDL cholesterol, is high cholesterol when its value exceeds 200 mg / dl. However, it should be emphasized that these values ​​are quite general, and it is up to the treating physicianto consider case by case the optimal values ​​of each individual patient.

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Cholesterol and proper nutrition: What to eat?

Before going to listing the remedies against high cholesterol, however, it is the case to look at the causes and factors that cause this problem so threatening if taken subtly. Among the first causes there is undoubtedly obesity or an overweight situation, when a body mass index greater than 30 stimulates the formation of cholesterol. Moreover, statistics say that, looking at the circumference of life, the risk of high cholesterol increases from a value of 102 centimeters to men and 89 centimeters to women. Among the main remedies against high cholesterol is therefore a balanced diet, aimed at the possible loss of weight. They all have to minimize all those cholesterol-rich foods, such as red meat and dairy products. In general, then, the foods to be avoided are those of animal origin, as they are rich in saturated fat, as well as most bakery products, characterized by a high trans fat content.

High Cholesterol Remedies: Supplements

Among the high cholesterol remedies, therefore, is first and foremost a healthy and healthy diet. In most cases, however, erasing all the foods to be avoided from our diet, as recommended, above is not enough, and drug therapy makes it so necessary. Among the best anti-cholesterol remedies, however, natural remedies are also mentioned, namely the intake of naturally occurring substances and which help to reduce “bad” cholesterol levels. So think of turmeric, dried fruit, seaweed, fish oil, blackcurrants and so on: obviously it’s not all easy to introduce all these foods into our diet, and this is why it is among the best cholesterol remedies tall are there too cholesterol supplements, that help combat the problem with all-natural elements.

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