Taking care of your face

What you will see in this gallery are the featured products for facial use in the Fucsia Magazine’s 100th Edition. You cannot stop acquiring the one that best suits your needs to keep you beautiful and radiant every day.

The use of any product – such as creams or oils – brings unmatched benefits to your skin. However, there are rules to apply them that are not always taken into account and that undoubtedly become of vital importance. Here are some tips when using products in your face:

· Do not stretch your skin when applying any product.

· Always apply the products with both hands.

· The movement must always be upward.

· When drying your face with the towel pressure beam. In no way strongly rub the towel on the skin.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for College Students
· Whenever you cleanse your skin, you dry or do you apply any product circular manner.

· When to make up always starts with the eyes. Use cotton and spread the product you decided to use on it.

· Tonics wear them with a piece of cotton with circular movements towards the temples.

· Do not let excess cream on your skin. When you have finished applying make sure your skin has made the necessary absorption of the product.

· The products must be applied in a balanced manner on the skin. There should not be excesses in any area.

· And as a prerequisite forget not clean your skin every night and always remove makeup.

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