Syndrome electromagnetic waves: What is it and why it is difficult to diagnose?

The electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or EHS is a syndrome associated with exposure to electromagnetic waves.

It is a disorder for years the focus of numerous scientific studies and against whom, to date, there is not a unanimous position of the researchers but two distinct camps: one faction believes that electromagnetic waves affect negatively on health, while a other shows no relationship between health disorders and electromagnetism.

The World Health Organization has expressed about it by stating that “electromagnetic hypersensitivity has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis linking symptoms of EHS with exposure to these waves. In addition, there is a medical diagnosis for this syndrome and it is unclear whether it represents a single medical problem.”

syndrome-electromagnetic-waves-what-is-it-and-why-it-is-difficult-to-diagnoseWhat is the controversial aspect of this syndrome, what are the symptoms and why it is difficult to give a clinical definition?


The presence of increasing number of appliances and the widespread and sudden spread of tablets, PCs, smart phones and other electronic devices, have changed the lives of all of us who, like it or not, we are every day and for years exposed to the electromagnetic waves emitted by all these objects have become indispensable.

Change the style of life and the tools with which it interacts in many cases has more or less negative impact on our mental and physical health ; for this, in conjunction with the spread of i-devices and smartphones in particular, the medical and scientific researchers have wondered how and if the electromagnetic waves of these devices affect our health.

Even the IARC – International Agency for Research on Cancer – followed in-depth scientific research, in 2011 has classified RF as “possibly carcinogenic” to humans.

Symptoms of the syndrome by electromagnetic waves

Pains, muscle spasms, chest pains, difficulty concentrating are the complaints reported by an increasing number of people, many of whom constantly exposed to electromagnetic waves from mobile phones and PC.

It is generic in nature symptoms, common to many other diseases and not immediately related to the syndrome of electromagnetic waves.

This difficulty in defining the link between cause and effect makes it difficult for the objective recognition of the syndrome. So does the news the case of a French woman of 39 years in which the Toulouse court recognized the presence of the disease, hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves, and established a check for $800 a month for three years, renewable if continued declared disorders.

It is a judgment destined to make to discuss and to become a reference for those who complain about the previous common health ailments and constant although generic, that some lead back to the syndrome of electromagnetic waves and other milder symptoms and psychosomatic self-suggestion.

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