Sleep: The best “detox” for the brain

When you go to sleep, something much deeper than close your eyes occurs. The brain, through glymphatic system, eliminates toxins and a thorough cleaning is done. This cleaning could be the key to preventing mental illness or cognitive impairment. Here I’ll tell you more about this interesting finding by scientists Rochester Medical Center in the United States.

Sleep is one of the great pleasures of life and also necessary. Good night’s rest is essential to live, restore energy and give the body a chance to heal. We know that sleep is important for memory, stress management, Mobdro Download for heart health, control of diabetes, weight control and for the beauty of the skin.


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The dream has always aroused the curiosity of all because it is largely mysterious. Scientists have spent many years analyzing what happens when we close our eyes and we disconnect temporarily from this world.

A very interesting finding comes a group of researchers Rochester Medical Center in New York, who found that during sleep increases the space between brain cells. This would allow the brain to eliminate toxins that accumulate during the hours we are awake, they are waking hours.

The study, published in the journal Science and conducted in mice, shows the existence of a cleaning system evidence own brain and the change in the cellular structure of the brain during sleep.

So when we sleep a kind of glinfático called hydraulic system, which controls the flow of cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord it is activated. This system, as observed in the experiment, opens during sleep to Mobdro APK allow fluid to flow rapidly in the brain.

The research was conducted in a group of rats who were injected dye into the liquid of the brain cavity to observe how circulating in the brain. Simultaneously brain electrical activity was monitored. The study authors were surprised to see the difference in the circulation of the dye during wakefulness and during sleep. Specifically, it was found that the liquid flowed rapidly during the sleep phase and with difficulty during wakefulness.

Likewise, monitoring the brain showed that the space between brain cells increased by 60 percent when the rats were anesthetized or sleeping. This process is apparently possible by the glymphatic system and brain cells called glia.

Previous studies have suggested that toxic molecules that play a role in the development of degenerative brain disorders accumulate in the space between brain cells. Interested in knowing what the role of glymphatic system in this process, researchers injected them with a protein linked to Alzheimer’s disease mice to measure how much lasting brain while they were asleep and awake. It was observed that the protein in mice quickly disappeared when they were asleep, suggesting that sleep clean toxins from the brain while resting.

Without any doubt, these findings open the door to find important clues to the development of neurological disorders. The cells that regulate the glymphatic system could be the center of attention when treating a variety of mental illnesses.

In addition, this interesting study confirms once again the importance of sleep and its restorative effect. Literally, sleep well, clears the mind. So go to rest! For more tips visit

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