Sepsis kills more infarct… But is it?

On September 13, the World Day of sepsis, an event to raise awareness of a disease of which little is known even if it is the cause of numerous deaths each year, more than it will make the heart attack: about 60 thousand people a year die of sepsis. But what is sepsis?

Sepsis or septicemia, is an inflammation of acute diffuse throughout the body, and is manifested as exaggerated reaction of the immune system to the chemicals used to treat an infection.

sepsis-kills-more-infarct-but-is-itThe SIRS – Systemic Inflammatory Response – creates microscopic clots that prevent to flow oxygen and nutrients to all organs. For that, if nothing is done quickly, the microorganisms responsible for inflammation can reach vital organs – heart, lung and brain – causing the patient’s death.

Sepsis can strike anyone, especially children, the elderly and the sick, the most exposed to the risk groups because, in general, have a weak or compromised immune system by chronic effects of certain medicines. This also explains why sepsis there are often ill in hospital with a mortality rate of approximately 40-60% of cases, when the application of certain therapies can become a vehicle for bacteria to enter the patient’s body.

The cause main septicemia is therefore the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics and poor hygiene that promotes their proliferation.

Symptoms, prevention and treatment of sepsis

Septicemia is recognized by high fever over 38.5° C which persists for 24-48 hours, increased heart rate of 60 beats per minute, rapid breathing more than 20 breaths per minute, and the presence of infection you have. In children, there may also be headache, vomiting and drowsiness.

It is non-specific symptoms difficult due to sepsis, but if recognized quickly, allow the healing therapy with antibiotics to follow at home otherwise, the worse the symptoms you need to go as soon as possible from your doctor or hospital to receive a ‘targeted assistance.

The most effective preventive measure against sepsis is hygiene , especially washing hands are the main vehicle of infection is mild like the cold that serious and potentially lethal as septicemia. Wash hands indeed, reduces the risk of contracting the disease in health facilities, and at least 20% of sepsis cases can be prevented through strict compliance with the rules of hygiene.

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