Quick face masks: Here are 8 DIY recipes

How many times have we promised ourselves a beautiful mask of beauty for the face and then we lack the time to do it? No problem because with our 8 fast face masks you can benefit from the properties of natural ingredients on the skin with a short shutter speed. Let’s find out together!

We all know that to maintain healthy and beautiful skin it is important to use specific face masks based on our skin type. In fact, during the exposure time, the functional substances present inside the mask are activated by penetrating deeply into the skin; the action of a face mask is very effective because it immediately returns visible results. For example, a softer, brighter, hydrated, purified skin, etc.

The face mask is a treatment that should be repeated normally once a week. The constancy of its use will guarantee your skin health and beauty.

In this article we recommend 8 fast face masks that have a reduced shutter speed for those who have little time to devote to this treatment, but do not want to renounce the benefit on the skin of ingredients aimed at their beauty needs …

8 Fast Face Masks

Quick face masks

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The quantities indicated in the recipes refer to a dose of face mask, with the exception of treatments based on vegetable oils that will last longer. Now let’s see how to make 8 face masks at home with a short shutter speed.

1) Purifying clay mask

Using a clay mask on your skin will help you keep it clean and purified for a long time thanks to the absorbing power of this earthy substance rich in minerals. Depending on the type of leather you can use green or white (more delicate) clay.

Take a glass bowl and put a spoonful of clay and then add, a little at a time, some warm water, just enough to get a creamy emulsion. Finally, you can put a drop of tea tree, or 2 drops of lavender essence. Apply the mixture on the face (with the exception of the eye contour) and leave it on for 10 minutes. In this way the clay will not dry out the skin that will remain soft and purified. Rinse with warm water. Repeat this mask once a week.

2) Nourishing mask with shea butter

If you have very dry and dehydrated skin, we advise you to make this face mask with shea butter, able to restore softness and elasticity to the skin. The essential oil of sweet orange will brighten up your complexion. This mask will be an excellent soothing and anti-wrinkle.

  • Shea butter > 1 spoon
  • Olive oil > 1 teaspoon
  • Sweet orange essence > 2 drops
  • Put the shea butter and olive oil in a saucepan;
  • Melt the ingredients in a bain-marie and, when they have melted, remove from the heat and leave to melt;
  • At this point, add two drops of sweet orange essence;
  • Mix everything and apply on face and neck in a unformed manner;
  • Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with a mild detergent milk;
  • This treatment can be repeated once a week.

3) Exfoliating coconut mask

This mask is suitable for all skin types because the yogurt has an antibacterial and nourishing action, while the coconut flakes have a delicate but effective exfoliating action. The essence of lavender instead will have a soothing effect. Here are the ingredients of this recipe:

  • Whole natural yogurt > 3 tablespoons
  • Coconut in small flakes > 1 spoon
  • Lavender officinal essence > 3 drops
  • In a glass bowl put the yogurt first and then follow the coconut flakes and the lavender essential oil;
  • Mix all the ingredients with the help of a wooden spoon until obtaining a homegene compound;
  • Apply this mask to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Before rinsing, massage the entire face by activating the exfoliating power of the coconut;
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and the help of a sponge;
  • This recipe can be repeated once or twice a week.

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4) Emollient mask with honey and lemon

This is one of the simplest but effective treatments to keep the skin soft and protected for a long time thanks to the softening and emollient properties of honey. Take a tablespoon of millefiori or acacia honey that remain more liquid and add 2 drops of lemon with a disinfecting and lightening action. Spread on your face and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse abundantly with water. Repeat this treatment once a week.

5) Pink and cornflower decongestant mask

This picture is a real cuddle for the face through the use of ‘ rose water and’ cornflower water that have soothing properties, relieve bloating, decongestants especially for the eyes and face. Honey will have a protective and emollient action. Here are the ingredients of this DIY recipe:

  • Rose floral water > 1 spoon
  • Floral cornflower water > 1 spoon
  • Liquid honey > 1 spoon
  • In a glass bowl pour the floral waters of rose and cornflower, then add honey;
  • Let the ingredients on the fire cool slightly so as to encourage the melting of the honey, being very careful not to heat the mixture too much;
  • Take cotton pads and immerse them in the liquid;
  • Apply them on the eyes and on the whole face, letting them act for 15 minutes;
  • During the exposure time, stay relaxed with your eyes closed;
  • This decongestant mask you can do it once or twice a week.

6) Banana moisturizing mask

The banana, like many fruits, is rich in mineral salts and vitamins and is essentially composed of water for which it will have a very effective moisturizing action on the face. Take half a banana and shake it with a little milk so as to obtain a soft cream to spread. Leave on for 15 minutes and then remove the moisturizing mask with lukewarm water. This treatment can be done two or three times a month.

7) Anti-age mask with pink mosqueta and avocado

This natural remedy is very effective for those with very dry, dry and mature skin. The oil of rose mosqueta is a valuable anti-wrinkle and elasticizing and the fruit of the avocado is rich in functional moisturizing and regenerating substances for the face. The essence of sweet orange illuminates the face and the complexion.

  • Mosqueta rose oil > 1 tbsp
  • Avocado > Half fruit
  • Sweet orange essence > 3 drops
  • Take the half of the avocado half and blend it with the oil of rose mosqueta;
  • When you have obtained a homogeneous mixture, add the two drops of sweet orange essence and your anti-aging face mask is ready;
  • Distribute the mask evenly and leave for 15 minutes;
  • Then rinse with lukewarm water;
  • This treatment can also be repeated once a week.

8) Soothing aloe vera and lavender mask

This is a very simple but specific natural remedy for skin with reddening, dermatitis, cracking and dehydration. The aloe vera is a great healing and moisturizing, while lavender has soothing and antiseptic.

Take a vial and put 50 ml of aloe vera gel inside to which you will add 10 drops of real lavender essence. Close the bottle and shake it for a few seconds. Store the container in the refrigerator and when it has cooled, apply this soothing mask on the face. Leave it to work for about ten minutes. You will notice that the skin will absorb the gel completely during the exposure time. It is not necessary to rinse and any residues can be absorbed with a light massage. Repeat this mask whenever you feel the need.

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