Plants for increasing the concentration and memory

When memory starts to play tricks, we must not give guilt only to old age, but … lack of concentration and memory are typical in young students, particularly at the gates of important exams. This indicates a strong correlation between the state of stress and cognitive performance.

Plants for memoryOne thing is the loss of memory for physiological causes such as old age (in severe forms it comes to dementia), brain damage, use of sedative drugs, removal of psychological mechanisms and degenerative diseases; it is one thing when they manifest of attention disorders due to increased levels of the stress of daily living (overwork and important exams).

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In the latter case, we can turn to the plant world that will give us some good help!

First, we must not forget the importance of essential oils and their effect on our nervous system! In particular, rosemary essential oil, the basil, and mint, are perfect for restoring them mental firmness, increase levels of concentration and attention. A tip is to disperse, in the environment of study or work, a few drops of these essential oils, mixed together. This will be a small pleasant and effective help to combat fatigue and stimulate the attention.

To regain concentration and mental freshness we must mention the Ginkgo biloba, native millennial plant in China and Japan. The leaves are used which, thanks to the synergy of the active principles contained in them (flavonoids, terpenes, and lactones), performing the so-called nootropic action, that would be capable of stimulating the cognitive capacity of the individual. The Ginkgo fact would be able to improve cerebral blood flow, favoring the use of glucose and oxygen by the brain cells which, having available most nourishment, improve intellectual performance. The plant is also widely used for its antioxidant action, which confers protection in particular in the vascular and nervous system level.

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Another plant typical of herbal medicine, but increasingly also popular in markets, is the Kratom. Widely spread in South East Asia, seems to act directly on the central nervous system, improving neuronal transmission and therefore could be an effective remedy to increase mental concentration and memory.

Are still ongoing scientific studies that go to confirm its action at cerebral level, but Kratom is a herb that has been used for thousands of years and is still expanding distribution as an energy tonic.

All the medicinal plants that are classified as adaptogenic, which can improve the individual’s physiological adaptation, are effective in combating stress, increase the individual’s defenses and improve your physical and mental performance.

Especially those most suitable are Eleutherococcus, The Rhodiola, and Ginseng. Less known but equally effective, are Withania, also known as the Indian Ginseng and Schisandra, whose berries manifest stimulating activities can help maintain the tone and balance of the systemic body.

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As we have said, very often a lack of concentration and mental fatigue are felt at in periods of stress. Therefore, we recommend using in moderation all those drugs that contain caffeine.

Although caffeine acts as a stimulant of the central nervous system, its overuse could go to increase the states of anxiety and nervousness, typical in periods of tension. But consume large amounts of coffee and energy drinks, often can cause the opposite effect.

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