Natural remedies for back pain

Unfortunately, more and more mothers suffer from back pain or acute, occurring suddenly and cut off your knees or joint stinging or pain bearable but tend to prolong. Studies show that because babies in recent years more developed physically and heavy, new mothers are the newest category in which back pain is a growing problem.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Long hours spent with the baby in his arms, dozens of times when you get up in arms, dozens of occasions when you lean to put him or take him out of the crib (and now cribs are closer to the floor, adding to pressure on column your) all come to affect your column, and the fact that your child becomes harder tends to aggravate the problem. There are things you can do to prevent problems with the spine, such as you lean on comes take him or leave him down, get off the edge of the crib to place it on the small to bed or take him in his arms, doing gymnastics for strengthening back muscles, let him ride in buggies or back, backpack or shoulder, to sit on the carpet next to him when he wants to play, etc.

But if you have already come in position to have back pain, here are some remedies experts from lightweight, non-drug, to ease the suffering you or even chase you a whole.

Natural remedies for back pain

Natural remedies for back pain

Contrary to the idea that if you hurt your back must you lie in bed, a study by the University of Texas showed that patients who made the move and have recovered more quickly than those who were not bedridden. So after a day – two horizontal states (what allows the child) start doing light cardio, such as walking, cycling or swimming medical. Cardio exercises improve blood flow in the painful area and help the healing. Start gently and gradually – gradually trying to get back to your normal schedule. Make sure that you start and stop when you feel hurt or worsen back pain.

The best way to diminish substantially acute back pain, occurred suddenly, it is to put ice on the area in question in the shortest time (1-2 hours after the onset of pain). Ice will reduce inflammation, but do not put it directly on the skin but wrap it in a towel and so can you and rub the towel filled with ice. Ice you there 15 minutes each every hour.

After a day or two of using ice pass to use heat to soothe the pain. Once eliminated inflammation ice, heat will help relax muscular. A study of 30 patients with lobar pain showed that those who applied hot compresses on the painful area and took painkillers and felt much better than those who took only painkillers. Take a soft towel, put it in hot water, wring it out, fold it and smoothes it well not to take all cute, wrap it in plastic wrap and put on him a heating pad set to the medium level. Lie on your belly and put this hot compress on the painful area. If you do not have heating pad, a woolen shawl wrapped well has almost the same effect or sit on the floor and radiator supports your painful area. Another effective method is to take a long hot bath or a hot shower with maximum pressure, such as water and massage will make your problem area.

Stretching column
If you stretch your spine and align properly Well vertebrae and discs will substantially speed up the healing process and even you can prevent painful crises. For lower back pain: mirrors lie down on a hard surface and lift your knees toward your chest. Shoot them a little closer to her chest as much, then relax, then repeat the movement. Another good exercise is that in the same position, with knees bent, swaying slightly back and forth when I was doing in kindergarten “basket”. Massage column made contact with the hard floor will realign the vertebrae and discs and can help get rid of pain.

A mattress “sunk” as a trough, and it can because you back pain. Ask a 1 cm thick plank under it or if it’s too thick to take effect plank, put it over it and wrap it in a quilt thicker or, if you put a mat over it thinner.

Tai chi
This ancient Chinese discipline of slow movements, fluid is an excellent method of relaxation and relieving back muscles. Breathing exercises and stretching each muscle movements create harmony in the body. It takes time and discipline to learn tai chi, but if you already suffer from chronic back pain, you deserve it. You can still do and yoga to get rid of back pain, especially a style of yoga called viniyoga.

Devil’s Claw Root
Research has shown that some compounds that plants of South African origin have strong anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, so it is used more and more people suffering from arthritis or lower back pain. When you feel that you take back pain, take 1,200 mg a day and try to find the plant in a soluble form – drops, dust, etc. It’s good to consult your doctor before using this herb is not recommended to powerful people who take anticoagulants or those who hypotension.

Comfrey extract
A study showed that recent ointment comfrey extract has substantial beneficial effects on inflammatory back pain due to properties of the plant. After you have applied the ointment for 5 days in the painful, 95% of subjects reported an improvement sensible, compared to only 38% in the control group, who used placebo. CAREFUL! Comfrey plant has compounds alkaloids that can cause liver damage, so should never be ingested. Even the form of ointment, limiting its use to a maximum of 10 days and do not use if you have an injury to the skin in the area where you are applying the ointment.

A new sleeping position
You should sleep on your stomach or back side if you have back problems. The best position is known as the “S-ul lazy” and goes like this: you lie on your back with head neck pillow, so back to be relatively straight on the bed, then raise your knees and put under her big cushion. If you keep your knees bent when you sit back in bed removes much of the pressure on the spine that pressure leads to back pain. May you sleep on one side in the fetal position, in which case it’s good to keep a pillow between your knees, so as not to slip your foot in the face, causing torsion balances and causing pressure column.

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