How you can and you cannot fight with pimples?

Fighting pimples can and should be: for this, there are over-the-counter drugs, special medicines, chemical and laser procedures. Find out what you can and cannot be done with pimples …

You can: Remove the edema by ice

If the pimples look swollen, apply ice to them no longer than one minute. This method does not help everyone, but it will not be worse. The main thing is not to over-ice, bringing the skin to greater irritation.

You cannot: Squeeze out

When the swollen pimple and shout “squeeze me!”, Do not give in to provocation. If squeezed, the healing time of the skin may increase, and the risk of entering the skin of the infection and scar formation is increased. The opened pimple is more difficult to hide by cosmetic means, as you will already have to mask an uneven surface. A big “no”!

fight with pimples

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You can: Apply the cream with sulfur

Choose non-prescription drugs against pimples with benzoyl peroxide or sulfur with resorcinol, which will reduce the appearance of inflammation. Just do not expect instant changes. Patience will have to stock up. And remember: the remedies against pimples can contain substances that irritate your skin. Before combining or increasing the recommended dosage, consult a dermatologist.

You cannot: Apply toothpaste

Keep toothpaste for its direct purpose. Although some of its ingredients can really dry up pimples, toothpaste can be an additional reason for the appearance of pimples. Worse, fluoride and whitening ingredients of toothpaste can cause an allergic reaction when it comes to skin.

You can: Injections of corticosteroids

With large pimples cysts, a rapid positive result can be given by injections of corticosteroids. The dermatologist introduces them in a “diluted” form directly into the cyst, reducing its size and preventing scarring. After the injection of the cyst within a few days will decrease in size. Do not you dare fight it yourself!

You cannot: To put on pimples milled aspirin

If you look for home remedies against pimples on the Internet, then you will certainly meet the “prescription” of treatment with a paste from crushed aspirin tablets. Aspirin is similar to salicylic acid, a common ingredient in non-prescription drugs against pimples. However, this salicylic acid is designed directly for the skin. But aspirin can cause an unexpected reaction.

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fight with pimples

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You can: Apply tea tree oil

Tea tree oil kills bacteria. Therefore, some use it to treat small skin irritations, including pimples. Extensive research on this topic has not yet been conducted, but you can try this tool without any risk. First, put this oil on a small area of clean skin and check if you have an allergic reaction.

You cannot: Rely on cosmetology

Although cosmetic procedures, soft pilling and other facial skin manipulations can improve her condition, this will take time, and at first skin may look worse than before. If you want to make the skin beautiful – sign up to a beautician a few weeks before the event.

You can: Use a full coating of foundation cream

If a wedding or other important event is on the nose, do not be modest and cover with a tonal cream masking skin imperfections, the entire face. Make a bet on the funds that will hide the pimples, without requiring a thick layer.

You cannot: Hide behind accessories

If the pimples have settled only on the forehead, you can be tempted to hide them under a dense cap or rim. Okay, if it’s not very long, but abuse it with such a “cover”, and the pressure with rubbing will make pimples worse.

You can: Mix two consoles

Too light or too dark concealer will only emphasize the presence of the pimple. Mix the two tones until you get the perfect shade of your skin, and carefully shade the edges with the adjacent skin.

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