How to Teach Kids Good Sportsmanship

Being a good sport isn’t always easy, and it’s even harder for kids who have just lost a game. However, it is something that should be taught from an early age and is a quality that will stand you in good stead throughout your life.

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Fostering good sportsmanship in children may be tricky, but there are some easy ways to ensure they respect and admire other’s achievements and can voice their congratulations, even when they have come off second best.

Lead by Example

Good parents and coaches will display good sportsmanship at every level, will never bully other children in different teams and will always focus on the positives. Children learn from their elders as well as from their peers, and if every example is a good one, then they won’t pick up bad habits.

To further reinforce good sporting behaviour, parents can also provide good examples of sportsmen who have displayed excellent sportsmanship even after losing. It’s also a great idea to show kids examples of poor sportsmanship so they know what not to do and how poor this unsporting behaviour can look.

Foster Team Spirit

If kids feel proud of what they are doing, even if they lose, they are more likely to be able to show good sportsmanship. By building a strong team ethic and making everyone feel like they are part of something special, they are more likely to be able to congratulate those who have done better than themselves.

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Team spirit can also be built upon by obtaining matching uniforms from football team kit suppliers such as in order to ensure that kids feel like they are part of something special, no matter where they come in a competition.

Focus on Participation

During a game, only shout positive words of encouragement, and never berate the other team or the kids who are not performing as well as expected. By keeping all comments positive and not picking on anyone’s errors or the coach’s or ref’s decisions, kids should have a good experience simply taking part. After a game, focusing on how much fun was had or how well they did regardless of the outcome can also help to promote good sportsmanship.

Courteous behaviour on and off the field should always be applauded, and kids who exhibit good sportsmanship should always be encouraged.

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