How to overcome fear of commitment

If you are afraid to commit yourself you may be interested to read this article because it offers us some clues as to how to overcome the fear of commitment.

How to commit to a better life

You will agree with me that really is wonderful to live in a peaceful, healthy and prosperous society; and also see your dreams come true.

But, you ever wonder how this is possible? And why for many it is more ‘easy’ problems complain or criticize others before committing to fix?

My experience of life in different societies and with different human beings, who seek to improve their lives, let me say that there are two basic things you have to Mobdro Download beat one who wants to live a better life: fear and ignorance.

overcome fear

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The fear of commitment (change) and travel a new path in life; and ignorance about who we are and what we want.

Because I think there is nothing more pleasant, healthy and liberating for the spirit to know who is struggling to live their best life, I invite you to commit to finding love in your best destination.

What is the commitment to a better life?

A commitment to a better life, marriage, social or professional, is a relationship of love and freedom that one establishes, first with his own self, and then with others, in order to evolve as individuals and universally. Compromise is not an obligation that one contract with one or with others.

A commitment allows you evolve yourself and others without judging cruelly when plans do not go as you planned initially; but rather point you to make necessary changes that will benefit you and others.

How do you get?

  • Knowing oneself.
  • Knowing others with whom do compromise.
  • Finding our purpose in this life and pre-colonial our service and others.
  • Reviewing and clarifying the goals to be achieved with proprieties.
  • Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with your being yotros.

How to overcome the fear of commitment?

Fear of commitment is normal if this refers to change and go a new way. It is important to dissolve the ideas that paralyze us or cause despair, and look for new ideas to help us walk in peace and with the best intentions.

A new way to a better life step by step walking and asking for help whenever you have questions or strength to keep walking needed. Help can search the physical dimension and the spiritual dimension, and I think both are needed to travel the path to your ultimate destination.

How the ignorance that prevents you commit to something better due?

By educating yourself about who you are and what you want in life. Expand our awareness and recognizing that we are not only the physical body but also spiritual beings; and that the universe Mobdro APK and all its inhabitants and love unconditionally support us in our search for better life.

Thanking the unconditional love and support that is there present in every moment of life. Increasingly it is the person we want to be or see in that world we want to live. Relying on our own ability to build a better future.

How do you know when and when not?

Do it when you feel that this commitment will bring true freedom, happiness and joy, both to you and to the people with whom you share that commitment (either a marriage or a commitment to social development). If not, your commitment will not last or will not bring happiness to your soul.

Why a pledge with a purpose, a social cause and not others?

Really, everyone is committed to something, conscious or unconscious level. Do nothing to change a negative situation is to be committed to conformism, abandonment, a limited level of sensitivity and faith.

People who persist in a system based on love are commitment because they have a very clear idea of what your purpose in life and that has meaning.

Moreover, one cannot compromise with all or all; but, if one is committed to the purposes of the soul and spirit, one is doing it with the rest of the universe. For more visit

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