How to make your office healthier

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to understand that there are benefits to making your office healthier. Having a switched-on and motivated workforce will not only improve productivity but also absenteeism will decrease and your reputation as an employee-friendly employer will reap the benefits.

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Making your office healthier doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. Here are some simple tips.

Survey your staff

One of the best ways of making your staff feel valued is to survey them about their thoughts on how the office can be made healthier. Some changes, such as introducing standing workstations, may be very well received by some of the workforce but may face resistance from people who don’t want to stand all the time. Make changes gradually. A sedentary lifestyle is bad for us, so rotating time at a standing workstation is best.

Introduce healthy snacks

With so many people now wanting to make healthier food choices, removing the chocolate and fizzy drinks from the vending machines and replacing them with nuts, granola bars and fresh fruit may be more popular than you might think; however, it is worth bearing in mind that some of your workforce may still want the occasional treat as they settle into their operator chair or may not want to feel as if they are being ‘forced’ to eat healthily, so a gradual introduction is to be recommended.

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Good hydration

Ensure that cold water is readily available throughout the building for staff to drink. Encourage them to stay hydrated and to drink often. Swapping caffeine for water can be very difficult for some people, so it is worth providing everyone with a free water bottle and placing it next to their operator chair to get them started.

Invest in some new furnishings

Cheap doesn’t mean best, so invest in some operator chairs that have been specifically designed to support posture.

Team walks

Instead of always meeting inside a stuffy office room or socialising in the pub, try to get everyone into the habit of taking regular walks together. You don’t have to go far – simply getting out together in the fresh air can do wonders for your health. Just remember that you are not running a marathon and be mindful that some team members may have mobility issues or want to walk at a different pace.

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