How to do manicure at home

With the help of a manicure you can give your hands a more attractive and well-groomed look. How to take care of your nails at home read the detailed instructions in this article. After all, the first step of the nails should be clean and have a beautiful shape. This is a simple procedure and it is not necessary to perform it in beauty parlors. Therefore, every woman should know how to properly make a manicure at home.

What do you need to prepare for this?

  • A bath with warm soapy water (add oil to the tub for children);
  • Nail file;
  • Cotton swabs;
  • Wooden thin stick;
  • Cream for hands and nails;
  • Towel;
  • Cream for softening the cuticle.

Indoor lighting should be good.

Manicure rules in stages


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Before you start doing a manicure at home, remove all the remnants of the old varnish. To do this, take a piece of fleece and get wet with a nail polish remover. Wet the wet fleece to the nail and wait a few seconds until it absorbs. Then remove the varnish with a brushstroke.

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  1. Take the nail file and give the nails the desired shape. For example, the shape of an oval. To do this, file the nails on each side from the edge to the center in only one direction. Too much cutting edges is not necessary, it will damage the shape of the nail and subsequently may appear burrs.
  2. Special cream is rubbed into the nail and the sides of the nail. Then dip the fingernails of both hands into the bath with saline. Keep them there for at least 3 minutes. Then dry with a soft towel.
  3. Carefully rub the cream for the nail skin with your thumb.
  4. After softening the cuticle, you need to carefully remove it. To do this, take a wooden wand, on its blunt end, wind a little fleece. The end of the wand with a cotton swab carefully scrape the skin along the entire length of the circumference of the nail. Movements should be easy.
  5. Sharp end of the stick also wrap with fleece. And clean it under the fingernails. The wand should not be injected under the nail too sharply, to avoid damage to it. If necessary, at this stage you can trim the nails with a nail file.
  6. With a soft piece of suede, remove the nails. They will gain a healthy shine and beauty. Moreover, this procedure causes the flow of blood to the nails, this strengthens them and promotes better growth.
  7. Rub the cream in your hands. In doing so, massage your fingers, wipe the cream as if you are removing a tightly seated ring.
  8. Manicure of nails at home can continue, covering the nails with varnish.

To do this, you need to put your hand on a towel or a special pad. First, cover the nails with a colorless varnish, so as not to cause discoloration of the nail. Begin the application better with the little finger. Apply the lacquer in a broad brush on the center of the nail, from its base to the tip.

Excess varnish on the sides remove the cotton swab. Before each new nail, lower the brush into the vial. Colored varnish is applied in two layers. Allow to dry the varnish long enough for 30 minutes to 1 hour. In order for the varnish to dry quickly, you can lower your nails into the water with ice.

Home manicure procedure is not difficult. With her help you will always have beautiful, neat and healthy nails. Do not spare the time for your beauty!

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