How To Properly Engage In Fitness: Advice To Coaches Beginners

Dreaming of a beautiful figure and strong health and do nothing or confidently go to your dream, making a lot of effort, everyone decides on their own. Anyone willing to constantly maintain their own body in good physical shape can now begin to engage in fitness. The term itself is heard by many and for some reason is often associated with female exercises. What actually is fitness, and how to properly deal with it, we propose to talk now.

How To Properly Engage In Fitness: Advice To Coaches Beginners

Fitness for beginners. Where to begin?

To start playing sports without harm, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of experienced trainers. Beginners in fitness should understand that for such physical exercises it is important and right to eat. That is, should be excluded from the diet or limit the use of fatty, smoked, fried foods. In addition, it is recommended to give up sweets and bakery food. But vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat, and fish should be present on the table leading a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to fitness you can:

  1. Improve the state of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Eliminate pain in the joints.
  3. Get rid of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other vertebral pathologies.
  4. Accelerate metabolism.
  5. Improve the general condition of the body.

How To Properly Engage In Fitness: Advice To Coaches Beginners

Doctors say that physical exercises are an excellent alternative to the medical treatment of a number of mental illnesses, among which depression. The thing is that during the sport, serotonin is produced. Thanks to this connection, a sense of contentment and joy of life is developed in the brain. It is this substance that is the constituent of many antidepressants.

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How to start classes correctly?

Athletes with experience assure that beginners do not need to consider fitness classes as something very complex and taking the last forces of a person. In addition, it is not necessary to compare these exercises with those that can help achieve certain results in sports. The most important thing in such exercises is to be positive. Many will agree that success will depend on properly selected programs, which ideally should match the forces of the person involved.

Most fitness centers offer special testing. This procedure is often carried out under the supervision of a doctor. A person should necessarily tell a sports doctor about his health and existing chronic diseases or their absence. The specialist will be able to find the most suitable program for you after the information received and indicate what is a contraindication.

The doctor should measure pressure, as well as weight, height, waist circumference, chest, and thighs, and record heart rate. There are also such clubs that offer their clients a more in-depth examination, that is, to take a cardiogram, both at rest and at physical exertion.

How To Properly Engage In Fitness: Advice To Coaches Beginners

To find the right individual program, it is very important to follow the principle of “do no harm”, pick up a variety of fitness and a set of exercises in accordance with physical capabilities.

When there is a personal trainer, classes are more productive, and possible errors will be minimized. For this reason, before buying a subscription to a fitness club, it is very important to read the reviews in advance and pay attention to the professionalism of the staff.

What new advisers advise the coach?

For beginners, it is very important to listen to experienced athletes. Often, experienced athletes advise beginners in fitness:

  1. To treat fitness not as a hobby, but as a full-fledged regular activity. To skip training because of laziness or bad mood – this means slowing your own progress. Therefore, you have to take serious lessons.
  2. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. It is known that they learn.
  3. Plan ahead your own time. As a rule, it takes approximately 3-4 hours per week for health training sessions per week.
  4. Do not show much zeal in class.
  5. Change your diet, because exercise without proper nutrition is a waste of time.
  6. Observe the drinking regime.
  7. Encourage yourself for certain past stages.
  8. Maintain constant contact with the trainer. Well, if you keep a diary in which to write the most useful advice of the mentor.

How To Properly Engage In Fitness: Advice To Coaches Beginners

Despite many positive aspects, fitness has contraindications. Do not exercise if:

  1. The temperature is raised and there are infectious diseases.
  2. There are endoprostheses.
  3. With Epilepsy.
  4. Serious mental illness.
  5. During diabetes.
  6. In the presence of malignant neoplasms.

As for future mothers, they are shown only special types of fitness and only after consulting a doctor.

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Summarizing, we can confidently say that physical activity is always a guarantee of a healthy, and therefore, a happy life. However, do not forget about the contraindications and the careful start of classes so as not to harm your own health. With the support of an experienced coach, you can confidently meet your dreams.

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