Dentistry through the ages

A visit to the dentist is something that we are all probably a little bit guilty of leaving until the last minute, a bit like visiting the optician. But the dentist is not only someone who checks the health of your teeth, they are also able to pick up on a variety of health concerns that show up in the health and general condition of your mouth, along with helping to enhance our smile and build up your confidence through cosmetic dentistry. If you are looking for Cosmetic Dentistry Leicester then take a look at St Johns Road Dental Practice who can help with your cosmetic dentistry needs.

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Dentistry as an industry has advanced incredibly away from the days back in the early 19th Century when the only solution for a toothache was to remove the tooth completely. Until after this date having a mouth full of rotting teeth was part in parcel with being a human being.

It wasn’t until 1771 that our teeth were given names linked to their different type and function. At this time John Hunter published his book called ‘Natural History of the Human Teeth’ and in that he named the teeth, and these are still used today. In the book he also recommended to clean your teeth regularly and the impact that your diet could have on the health of your teeth. Again, both pieces of advice that have been further researched and are still amongst a dentist’s recommendations today.

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We are incredibly lucky to have the type of toothpaste we have today. Although there have long been discussions about the fluoride content (and for all concerns about this you should speak to your dentist) we do have some of the best options around and they are much more preferable to the toothpastes of the past. These included soot, brick dust and even ground up oyster shells. All of these options worked to clean the teeth but also damaged the layer of enamel on the teeth. Following on from the arrival of more and more affordable sugar from the West Indies regions, the need to create an effective toothpaste became more and more apparent.

We can thank the NHS in the UK for the arrival of affordable dentistry and the birth of a necessary and very reputable profession. Dentists are highly skilled individuals who have studied for a number of years to be amongst the best at what they do. Your teeth really are in great hands.

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