A Cure For Cancer. Instructions For Use

A drug that can combat oncological diseases should possess. Knowing these features will help you not fall for the bait of scammers offering pseudomedical drugs and methods of fighting cancer. A really effective medicine should be like that.

What pharmacological properties will possess a drug against cancer?

So far, our science has not achieved serious success in the fight against cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation are how to wage a war of liberation with the help of napalm and nuclear weapons. We drove the enemy away, but the liberated land is burnt and contaminated with radiation. But there is good news – although scientists have not yet invented a medicine or a technique that can defeat cancer, they have an understanding of the direction in which to search.

A Cure For Cancer. Instructions For Use

A bit about oncology in plain language

What is any cancer disease, regardless of the place of tumor formation? Cells get out of the control of the body and begin to multiply rapidly, while not performing their “functional duties.” Just like our officials – they are becoming more and more, and they are working less and less.

Cancer cells, that is, those who want to live their own way, having received “independence” from the body, appear regularly in every person. Yes, yes, here you are now reading these lines, and in your body, there are cancer cells. But do not worry, most likely you do not face oncological disease.

A Cure For Cancer. Instructions For Use

The police in our body

In your body works a wonderful police organization – the immune system. Its “informants” quickly report the withdrawal from submission of individual unconscious cells. Our body is very bad about democracy, there are no liberal laws. Those who came “on call” phagocytes for a long time with the cage do not stand on ceremony – it is immediately destroyed.

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When the police are hit by corruption

But as in any totalitarian country, the police can be hit by corruption and it ceases to notice the criminals. They lose their fear and begin to rob people right on the streets, over time the country is plunged into chaos. Sooner or later, the authorities are changing.

Similarly, in our body. When the immune system ceases to notice cancer cells, they begin to multiply rapidly, forming a tumor. Only if everything is clear in politics, the answer is not yet found in physiology. Why the immunity suddenly ceases to notice cells that have escaped from control, scientists are still unknown.

A Cure For Cancer. Instructions For Use

Two options for curing cancer

There may be only two types of cures for cancer.

  • The medicine must destroy the cancer cells themselves
  • The drug should regulate the immune response

The medicine against cancer destroys the “wrong” cells

For several decades scientists have been trying to create a drug that would destroy cancer cells and not harm healthy people. In fact, chemotherapy and radioactive irradiation, classical methods of treating oncology, do just that. “Wrong” cells are weaker than healthy ones, so poison or radiation destroys them. But healthy cells take the blow.

In this direction, even some positive results have been achieved. In particular, drugs were found that destroy cancer well in the thyroid gland. Almost all modern scientists work in this direction. About the success of these scientists, I have already written several times.

The main problem when looking for a cure for cancer that destroys cells is too great a difference between different types of cancer. Blood cells are not at all like leukocytes, and those, in turn, are very different from skin cells. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find one drug that will destroy such different cells. But dozens of different drugs for cancer are also very difficult to invent. After all, how can we explain to a pesticide that this cell must be destroyed, and this one – to spare?

A Cure For Cancer. Instructions For Use

An anti-cancer drug that works on immunity

The second type of medicine, which can overcome oncology, seems more promising. There is no better remedy against pathogenic cells than immunity. Leukocytes and other cells, designed to protect our body, perfectly cope with their tasks, if all the protective mechanisms work correctly.

One only needs to understand why they suddenly stopped noticing cancer cells and restoring the normal functioning of this mechanism. Leukocytes destroy all cells labeled with antibodies, so you need to label cancer cells and the body will cope with them, without help. Create such a drug is still easier – you need to invent proteins that can be attached only to cancer cells.

The really effective cure for cancer

The medicine, which will help to completely get rid of cancer and return the body to a normal state, will work this way. In the human body will be introduced a certain number of markers that mark cancer cells. Immunity itself destroys all these cells, in some cases, when the tumor is too large, will have to intervene with the doctors.

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Inoculation from cancer

If you can invent such a cure for cancer, then there will be another wonderful thing – a vaccine against cancer. After all, you can introduce antibodies into the body before the first symptoms appear. This is how all vaccinations work.

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