What Are The Cleansing Faces And How To Choose The Best Option?

Improvement of hardware cosmetology allows performing the procedure for cleaning pores in different ways. To determine which type of cleaning to give preference, you should know all the pros and cons of this or that technique. It cannot be said that one way is better, and another is worse. When choosing the right option, one should take into account personal preferences and skin condition.What Are The Cleansing Faces And How To Choose The Best Option?

Mechanical Facial Cleansing

Mechanical cleaning of the face does not belong to the hardware cosmetology. This procedure includes the following steps:

  • steaming a face;
  • disinfection and direct cleaning of pores.

The cosmetologist uses the following set of tools in his work:

  • Vidal’s needle;
  • a spoon of Una;
  • And a spoon for the nose.

With these tools, the doctor cleans the sebaceous ducts from comedones, then again treats the skin with a disinfectant and applies a soothing mask.

The plus of mechanical facial cleansing is its high efficiency – hand cleaning of the face ensures maximum cleansing.

The downside of mechanical facial cleansing is that you have red spots on your face for a while, and if you decide to perform a mechanical cleaning of the face of the house, then you risk leaving scars. Therefore, mechanical cleaning should be carried out only in the beauty salon. To remove redness after mechanical exposure, the cosmetologist will perform massage with liquid nitrogen, and reliable sterilization of the tools will help to avoid infection with the infection.

What Are The Cleansing Faces And How To Choose The Best Option?Ultrasonic face cleaning

An ultrasound machine is used for the procedure. The essence of the method is as follows: high frequencies of sound oscillations destroy dead cells, open pores and release them from accumulated contaminants. Ultrasound provides a tonic effect and improves blood circulation.

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Plus, ultrasonic cleansing of the face is that the skin does not need to be steamed, and the procedure itself, in contrast to the mechanical cleansing of the face, is more gentle and absolutely painless – after it, there are no traces and redness. To soothe the skin, a face mask is also applied to the face, followed by a moisturizing cream.

The downside of ultrasonic cleaning of the face is that such cleaning does not allow penetrating deep into the pores – it is aimed at removing surface contaminants, in addition, the procedure is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

What Are The Cleansing Faces And How To Choose The Best Option?Laser cleaning (laser peeling) of the face

For laser cleaning, a person uses a device that has a carbon dioxide laser. This laser acts on the cornified layer of cells, literally “burning” it, and starts the regeneration processes. This procedure promotes the maximum renewal of the skin and the synthesis of collagen. The procedure does not injure the skin and does not cause painful sensations.

The plus of laser facial cleansing is that it allows you to get rid of the severe form of acne, smooth out the surface of the skin, rid the pores of old comedones and improve the turgor, and there is no risk of infection.

The downside of laser face cleansing is that the result will be visible in a few days, as the skin will need time to recover.

What Are The Cleansing Faces And How To Choose The Best Option?Vacuum cleaning of the face

The procedure is carried out with the help of a vacuum device, which literally stretches on the principle of vacuuming the contamination from the pores. Such cleaning also requires preliminary steaming or the use of a special gel that opens the pores. At the end of the session, a soothing mask is applied to the face. Typically, this procedure is carried out in small areas of the face where there are clusters of comedones, it is not as traumatic as mechanical cleaning, but somewhat inferior to it in efficiency, but from a surface, contamination will rid the skin without difficulty.

The downside of vacuum facial cleansing is that it is better to use it in combination with other methods since it affects the upper layers of the epidermis. Vacuum cleaning is contraindicated for people with closely located capillaries to the skin surface.

What Are The Cleansing Faces And How To Choose The Best Option?Dry cleaning of the face

This procedure consists of the action on the pores of fruit acids. Active substances in the composition of peeling destroy the keratinized cells, change the structure of sebum and trigger the processes of cell renewal. Peeling with fruit acids helps to get rid of fine wrinkles, improves complexion and eliminates skin imperfections. This is the least traumatic way to cleanse, so this method of cleansing the face is also called atraumatic.

The downside of dry cleaning is that the peeling with fruit acids does not solve the problems of clogged pores and aged acne.

What Are The Cleansing Faces And How To Choose The Best Option?A traumatic facial cleansing

A traumatic facial cleansing consists of cleansing the skin without traumatic effects. This type of cleaning is done with soft surface chemical peels. With the help of exfoliation on fruit acids, the upper stratum is removed, and the pores are cleaned of contaminants. A traumatic cleansing normalizes blood circulation, smooth’s fine wrinkles and encourages cell renewal.

The advantage of a traumatic cleansing of the face is its safe conduct, the rehabilitation period is not required, the risk of infection is minimal, has no contraindications and is suitable for all types of skin.

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The downside of the facial cleansing is that deep contamination does not go away, the risk of developing an allergic reaction increases (the cosmetologist should make a test for the reaction of the allergy).


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