Cell Phones: What You Need to Know?

We cannot do without the cell phone! It conquered us! No matter of sex or age, the cell phone is widely used for its usefulness.

It allows us to reach who we want whenever we want, but at the same time through the network always keeps us connected to the world.

We wait for the doctor, in the bank, to be as boring as ever. With our cell phone we take care of that time by connecting, informing, chatting, communicating.

It’s always with us.

Lately we discuss the possible effects that cell phones and smartphones might have on our health.

For years, research has conducted studies on electromagnetic waves produced by mobile phones and the answers are about to arrive.

In the expectation, we try to understand more.

Cell Phones

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Cellular electromagnetic waves: Possible damage to health

Cell phones and smartphones are sources of electromagnetic waves that can affect normal human physiological functions.

One of the main biological effects caused by electromagnetic waves is heating .

In fact, the cellular phone placed on the ear, through the electromagnetic waves, heats the ear zone and the surrounding area, influencing the normal physiological function.

How to use your cellphone or smartphone

As a result of the results, it is advisable to abandon the old habits and start following the arrangements that will automatically become time-consuming in order to preserve them from possible harmful effects.

Position of cellphone during a call

First, when you make a call, your ear is immediately on your cellphone.

An automatic and natural gesture, but wrong.

As the call begins, the cellphone transmits many electromagnetic waves that have an important intensity.

Therefore, remember to avoid placing the phone on your ear at that time.

It is important to remember to dial the number and wait for the interlocutor to answer.

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Using earphones

It is advised not to keep the cellular phone in contact with the ear for long periods of time.

During the contact between the cell and part of our body the electromagnetic waves produced cause heating that in the long run could cause problems for our health.

Therefore, if the call is long or short, it is strongly recommended to use earphones every time you use your cellphone to make a call.

If you have to choose between the Bluetooth earphones and the wired earphones you choose for the seconds.

Wired earphones allow you to call by greatly limiting the electromagnetic field.

The Bluetooth earphones develop in turn smaller electromagnetic fields during the call.

In case you forgot to bring your earphones with you, a good solution could be to alternate the ear that is in contact with the cellphone during the call.

No to phone calls

When you are in the car, the cell phone works harder to look for the signal by favoring the intensity of electromagnetic waves.

Therefore, if you can, avoid phone calls by car.

How to bring your cell phone with you

When you bring your cell phone, it is crucial that it is not located in areas close to the brain, heart, and genitals.

Therefore, women can safely store the cellphone in the bag, while men should place it in the back pocket of the pants protecting the area of ​​the genitals.

The cell phone in the bedroom

When you are sleeping, avoid placing your cell phone on the bedside table or turning it off.

A distance of at least one meter is recommended to dissipate the intensity of electromagnetic waves.

Therefore, if you do not want or can turn it off, position it away from the area where you are sleeping, so that in case of a phone call you can still hear it.

Adopting these simple arrangements is not difficult, it is useful and above all it’s worth it.

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