Boxing Training At Home: How To Start And Benefits

Are you thinking of starting to take boxing lessons? So here’s how to start a boxing workout at home and what are the benefits that this exciting sport promises. In fact, boxing not only allows you to have a physique turned and snappy, but it is the ideal discipline for those who want to relieve stress or manage anger, as well as improve self-esteem. Start your boxing workout at home with us!

Although boxing is a gym sport, doing boxing at home can be useful when you are not always able to stay behind the times of sports courses and / or to keep fit even when you do not fight in the ring. Boxing is a complex sport, where we need not only strength and coordination, but also agility and a lot of technique, without considering that we are talking about a discipline where the rules are fundamental. But if you are caressing the idea of the glove and bag, emulating the most famous of all the boxers in the world, Rocky Balboa, here are some useful tips that explain how to start a boxing workout at home and what are the benefits for those who practice it.

Boxing Training At Home

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The benefits of boxing

The boxing is a sport that has some interesting benefits not only in strictly physical level, but also at the psychological level : in fact, this discipline is recommended for those who have difficulty handling anxiety and anger for those who suffer from panic attacks and to download stress, as well as to increase self-esteem and self-confidence. On the physical level, on the other hand, boxing presents itself as a sport of the kind indicated to train the whole body – arms, legs and cores – where agility and strength are needed, to be conquered gradually with practice. Moreover, being an aerobic sport, boxing helps to lose weight and tone, giving a muscular and well-turned body, without the excesses typical of bodybuilders.

Boxing workout equipment at home

To begin your boxing workout at home, you will need some tools that will help you optimize the success of your exercises. Do not worry: you will not have to spend a capital! All you need is:

  • Punching Bag
  • Gloves
  • Elastic / resistance bands
  • Weights of various sizes
  • Rope

Of course, you do not necessarily have to have all of this equipment to start your boxing training at home, even if these are some of the basic sports gear, especially the punching bag and gloves.

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Boxing exercises at home

Let’s see what are the indicated exercises to start a boxing workout at home, both with and without tools.


Any type of training requires first of all an adequate heating of the muscles. In addition to the classic and necessary stretching, you can add a little run on the spot or, if you’re lucky and have a garden, some “turn of the field”.

Jump with the rope

The jumps with rope are perfect for those who want to keep fit and start boxing training at home. There are several ways to use the rope, that is to change the type of jump, the important thing is that you are masters of your agility and that you wear appropriate footwear to cushion the descents.

This exercise improves your aerobic condition, agility and coordination. Run it for about 15/20 minutes.


Arrange in an upright position with the legs apart at shoulder height. Hands coming down the hips. Bend on your knees bringing your torso forward (a squat, practically); put your hands on the ground and bring your legs back, keep them straight and place them on the tips. Perform a bending by bending the arms and going up to the squat position. Give yourself an impulse and jump outstretching your arms upward. Repeat the movement for 3 sets of 15.

Boxing workout at home with bag

If you have a punching bag at home, you can work out by pulling directly to the tool using, preferably, appropriate gloves.

Fists with elastic bands

If you do not have a punching bag available, you can direct your training towards the elastic (or resistance) bands and punch defying the traction of the bands. To make the best use of them, fasten them behind you and hold the other in your hand: at this point, give as many punches as possible in 3 minutes. Then stop and repeat the exercise twice more. Band alternative is to use a small weight in each hand, but this exercise is not recommended for beginners.

Close your boxing workout at home with a 15-minute stretching session.

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