At school after 9 to be more productive

The lack of sleep is known to be due to distraction, drowsiness and poor learning. This is what the experts say sleep, first of all Dr. Paul Kelley, for the University of Oxford, will lead a team of doctors committed to monitor the progress of psycho-physical well-being and learning from the kids involved in the project Teensleep: go to school at 10 to sleep at least 1 hour more.

It is not an isolated initiative. The maximum health authority in America, the CDC – Center for Disease Control – supported the appeal of the Academy pediatric to open later schools to allow children to get more sleep.

at-school-after-9-to-be-more-productiveWhy sleep is so important?

According to experts in the field, losing precious hours of sleep during the age of growth increases the risk of:

– Overweight, because a good sleep and the right number of hours means ensuring an optimal balance of the hunger hormones;

– Irritability, because during the haunting is feeling the sense of fatigue due to poor sleep;

– Depression, because the imbalance of the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake) during childhood and adolescence can have important repercussions on mood;

– Conflicts in family, school and friends, because if the lack of sleep becomes a chronic condition also affects the balance between the formation and elimination of new synapses between neurosis.

Teensleep is an experiment devised by the University of Oxford, the first in the world designed to understand what happens to the body and mind of the kids when they sleep more, and how it changes the way we relate to others and learn in the study. They will be drawn 100 English schools which, in addition to monitoring students choices classes, sleep experts will give lectures to educate pupils about good sleep.

One rule, for example, is to avoid standing in front of the pc screen smartphone in the evening before going to sleep. The light of the screens, in fact, deceives the body perceives it as natural light inhibiting the production of melatonin, said “sleep hormone” because it is produced when you are in the dark.

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