7 Secrets of a Successful Spring Morning Jog

Spring is the best time to start regular morning jogging. And to increase the positive effect of such training, follow these tips.

I already wrote about how to run in the winter. But if you have reduced activity during the cold season and refused to run, now it’s time to “remove the sneakers from the nail”.

The warm, but not the hot weather that we see in March is a great time to resume training. Or the beginning. It does not matter how old you are and in what physical form your body is – jogging, morning or evening, will allow you to slow down the aging process.

1 Drink And Drink Again7 Secrets of a Successful Spring Morning Jog

Exercise in the fresh air, even not very intense, makes us sweat much – lose water. A large number of fluid leaves the body and along with breathing. If you just start training, your body will badly need water.

Take with you a bottle of non-carbonated mineral water, light tea or just water. In no case do not take soda – carbon dioxide irritates the mucous throat, during physical exertion the immunity decreases, it can lead to a sore throat.

In a word – if you decided to run in the spring, take water with you and drink as much as you want.

2 Do Not Forget About the Warm-Up and Stretching

Even if you still cannot run one lap at the school stadium, and just go at a fast pace, do not forget about the stretching and warm-up.7 Secrets of a Successful Spring Morning Jog

Just do a few exercises to stretch the joints of the legs and a few breathing exercises. Swinging legs, raising the knee to the chest, squats – this is nothing difficult.

And then start running – warm-up and stretching will not only “lead” your heart, but also help to avoid injuries.

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3 Exercises While Running

During running, you can also work on strengthening the ligaments and correct technique. Here are some simple exercises. They can be done on the first and on the last circle, without thinking about the speed of the run.

  • Raise your knees during a short run as high as possible
  • Try to get your heels to the “soft spot”
  • “The Kremlin step” – lift the even foot, without bending it in the knee
  • Make one or more short, but quick sprints at 50 meters
  • Add a bit of athletic walking – one leg does not come off the ground until the second falls to the ground
  • Run, but not very fast, one distance as large steps, and the next – small

4 Start Running On A Softer Surface

If you are engaged in a school stadium – start running on the football field, and only then go to the asphalt path. If you run across rough terrain, start on soft ground or grass.7 Secrets of a Successful Spring Morning Jog

This will help your joints get used to the shocks and protect you from injuries.

The only thing that is worth spending amateur jogging in the morning, it’s sneakers. They should be soft, with a cushioning sole. But remember that the manufacturer’s logo does not affect your results in any way.

5 Soft Soil and Young Grass Help Improve Running Technique and Improve Results

Do you want to overtake everyone in the summer who trains next to you? Then take some time in the spring for training to improve running technique. Here are some good exercises that should be performed on young grass or soft ground.

  • Running with the maximum raising of the knees
  • Running on uneven terrain, with ascents and descents
  • Slow running backward, only be extremely careful
  • “Duckwalk” at a fast pace
  • Raise your heels, as high as possible

6 Do Not Forget About Morning Exercises and Other Physical Exercises

Morning jogging is good. But they should be supplemented by exercises in the gym or at home. Morning exercise, squats, push-ups and other exercises will help your body to come to a normal state.

Do you want to amaze everyone on the beach with a tight figure during a summer vacation? Then start working on the body in the spring.7 Secrets of a Successful Spring Morning Jog

7 Water Procedures – The Best Ending Of the Morning Jog in the spring

If you have the opportunity to visit the pool after jogging – you are a real lucky one. Otherwise, you can do with a shower or just a bucket of cold water. Spring is the best time for douches and hardening.

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After a good run, you will get so excited that you will even dream of cold, icy water. Just realize this dream.

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