In order to lose a couple of extra pounds, you need to spend so much time and effort. But it takes very little time, and the weight returns. Why is this happening? Here, the most common reasons.

It does not matter how you got rid of excess weight – with the help of complex diets, curative fasting or enhanced training. Lost pounds can return very quickly if you make at least one of these simple errors.


The smaller the number on your scales – the fewer calories the body needs. The usual situation – a full person burns a huge amount of calories during sports and even in everyday life. He, after all, needs to move a heavy body.6 REASONS - WHY WEIGHT LOSS RETURNS

After losing weight, the metabolism slows down, the number of calories burned drops sharply. If at a weight of 90 kg you had enough jogging for 5 km, so that an extra piece of cake does not turn into fat, then at 70 kg you will have to run twice as much. It is easier for a man to endure a rigid diet than to rebuild his mentality, to switch to smaller portions and more intensive training.

The more you lose weight – the more you need to exercise and eat fewer calories.

lack of sleep cause of the return of excess weight


The second reason why weight returns is a lack of sleep. Do you want to have a slim figure and a narrow waist? Then sleep 7-8 hours a day, lie down as early as possible and get up with the first cocks.

When the body lacks sleep, it produces more hormone, which increases appetite, and less leptin, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety. Energy, which could not be saved in a dream, the body tries to compensate for excess calories.

It’s very simple: if you sleep less, you get tired more. Metabolism slows down, and appetite increases. That’s why weight regains after weight loss.

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You starved yourself for a whole month and dropped the coveted pounds. The diet is over, you can celebrate, for example, by allowing yourself a bucket of ice cream. Now, do you understand why weight returns?6 REASONS - WHY WEIGHT LOSS RETURNS

After any procedures aimed at reducing weight, you need to consolidate the result. If you go back to your regular diet, the extra pounds will come back and all your efforts will go wrong.

  • After fasting – a gradual period of withdrawal and a new menu.
  • After a diet – a smooth exit and a new menu.
  • After intensive training – a new menu.

A new menu is smaller portions and a healthier meal. Well, you yourself all know – more vegetables and fruits, no sweets, neatly with fatty foods, meat, and carbohydrates. And, of course, any fast food, sodas and ice cream is better to exclude.

victory over the returning weight


Whatever they say about willpower, research shows – this resource is also not endless for us. Each person has a conditional limit of self-discipline, updated every day. The harder the conditions you choose for yourself, the faster you surrender.

It should be remembered that the peak of our willpower is next morning. Therefore, the hardest workout is best planned for this time. But do not practice until losing your pulse – leave yourself some self-discipline for the evening. After all, if you do not have enough to quit the supplements for dinner, your training will be useless.

The same with diets and curative starvation. It is not necessary to set for yourself immediately the maximum goals, such as “lose 20 kg in one month”. Start small, see how it works out, then raise the bar.6 REASONS - WHY WEIGHT LOSS RETURNS

There is nothing worse than torturing yourself with a strict diet for a week, and then give up sharply. In this case, excess weight returns for 2-3 days.

Leave some of your willpower to the exit process.


Many people are able to change their eating habits, but it’s hard for them to cope with their attendant habits. Friendly parties, business lunches in restaurants, picnics with a noisy company, coffee breaks in the office with colleagues – that’s all we are.

A person can lose all excess weight, change his home menu and completely forget about harmful products. But then he gets on someone’s birthday and not that surrenders, but simply forgets about the control of calories and healthy food. And the weight returns.

The best dish served in any restaurant is mineral water.

At the festive table, put yourself the smallest portion, and everyone will forget about the birthday boy – the main theme will be your steel willpower and sports figure.

returning weight water to


You put a lot of effort, showed willpower, perseverance, and determination. Finally, you managed to lose a couple of extra pounds. What’s next? After some time you will get used to your new weight, and the motivation will begin to fall. You will feel that all this was in vain. You think, got into the wedding suit and changed suspenders to the strap.


Do not despair! Consider that every lost kilogram is an extra year of life. Returning your weight back to normal, you dramatically reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, improve the quality of your life and improve your health.

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