12 Habits That Destroy Your Eyes And Lead To Loss Of Vision

Deterioration of vision is one of the main problems of our century. Although only a few decide to wear glasses, few can boast of perfect vision. Many of our habits are bad for the eyes.

1 Reading On Your Smartphone12 Habits That Destroy Your Eyes And Lead To Loss Of Vision

Small font, glare on the screen, backlighting, directed directly into the eyes – smartphones are bad for our eyesight. The human eye is not adapted to such conditions. Manufacturers of equipment constantly increase the resolution, reduce the size of the pixel, and enhance the illumination. This makes the screen more beautiful, and the numbers of characteristics are better than those of the competitor, but it does not work well in our eyes.

Increase the font on your phone and choose comfortable brightness and contrast. Pause every 20 minutes of reading or watching videos on your smartphone’s screen.

2 Night Viewing Of The Tv Also Hurts The Eyesight

Watching TV programs, reading electronic books, using a smartphone or laptop in bed, in total darkness – all these actions are very bad for our eyesight. As a consequence – headache, dryness, and redness of the eyes, loss of vision. Worse still, these things affect the sleep schedule.

At least include a floor lamp or lamp on the bedside table near the bed, if you so want to see the ending of the film or read the chapter before going to bed.

3 Sleeping Without Removing Contact Lenses – Bad For Vision

To wear glasses in our time is no longer fashionable, so people are increasingly buying contact lenses. And forget to take them off before bed. Eyes at night I do not rest, which greatly harms their health.

Doctors noticed that owners of contact lenses often suffer from eye infections. The reason is simple – they get or insert them with dirty hands or forget to rinse with a special solution.

4 Rub Eyes12 Habits That Destroy Your Eyes And Lead To Loss Of Vision

When we have three eyes with our hand, we can damage the complex system of blood vessels under the eyelids. Not to mention the huge number of bacteria deposited on the mucous eyes.

To calm the irritation of the eyes, try to apply a cold compress to them. And think twice about whether to rub them with your hands.

5 Abuse Of Eye Drops

To buy a pharmacy advertised drops is not the best solution if you have eye problems. Most of these drugs only slightly reduce the dryness of the eyes and redness, but not the cause of the problems. The cosmetic effect often causes serious damage to health.

If you have eye problems – contact an ophthalmologist. Buy only those drops that your doctor prescribes to you and strictly follow his instructions.

6 Poor Nutrition Is The Right Way To Lose Sight

Our eyes – this is a very complex mechanism, for its normal operation requires a lot of vitamins and minerals. If you eat poorly at work, prefer snacks, instead of a full dinner, often consume fast food, then do not be surprised when your level of vision falls.

Try to eat food rich in vitamins C and E, zinc and fatty acids Omega-3. Balance your diet in such a way that the body receives all the necessary nutrients.

And do not forget about water – the eyes are the first to suffer from a lack of fluid in the body. They constantly need water to produce tears – a natural lubricant and a cleaner.

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7 Working Without Goggles

45% of eye injuries occur in the home. The ingress of detergents or other chemicals, hot fat from the frying pan, dust, and dirt entering during repairs – all this leads to poor eyesight. Men like to work as a Bulgarian or another instrument, without wearing protective goggles. And women do not even know about the existence of such a thing.

Remember – you have only two eyes. Prepare to repair the house or at the cottage? Buy the most unpretentious goggles, they will help you keep your eyesight.

8 Constant Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep leads to a number of problems – depression, weight gain, decreased immunity and vision.

Sleep at least 7 hours a day, without interruptions. A good dream is a guarantee of good health and excellent vision.

9 Makeup12 Habits That Destroy Your Eyes And Lead To Loss Of Vision

Almost every second woman in our country even goes to the bakery without make-up. Mascara, eyeliner, shine, eyeshadow – the cosmetics industry produces tons of money, not caring at all about how this chemistry affects the eyesight. Even the best mascara blocks the sebaceous glands on the eyelids. Cosmetics irritate the mucous membrane of the eye, even in the smallest amounts.

If you can not give up makeup at all, then at least change your makeup at least once every three months. Such dark and damp places as your cosmetic bag or tube for carcasses are a great place to multiple pathogenic bacteria that will soon fall into your eyes.

10 Discarding Glasses And Constant Squinting

Of course, with the help of glasses, it is very rare to restore vision. But if the ophthalmologist prescribed glasses for you, and you can not do without them in your daily work, humble yourself and put them on. The constant squinting, the constant habit of people with poor eyesight, further reduces its sharpness.

Wear glasses, at least in cases where you have to work with small objects or images.

11 Waiver Or Abuse Of Sunglasses12 Habits That Destroy Your Eyes And Lead To Loss Of Vision

Sunglasses serve to protect the eyes from exposure to harmful and dangerous ultraviolet rays. Everything, this is their only function. Some people go out even on a sunny day without eye protection, while others wear dark glasses even at night, thinking that it’s stylish.

Bright sun? Put on sunglasses. Any – glass and plastic do not miss the ultraviolet, and the dark surface protects the eyes from bright light. But as soon as dark glasses begin to disturb you – remove them and put them in a case.

12 Not Visiting An Ophthalmologist

Well, what to do – we do not like these doctors. Meanwhile, visits to the ophthalmologist should be as regular as to the dentist. At least once every six months. The earlier the doctor discovers the problem, the easier it will be to fix it.

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Attend a good ophthalmologist at least once every 6 months. Call your doctor as soon as you find a symptom, even the smallest one. Do your eyes turn red? Do you feel pain or irritation? Has vision deteriorated? Run to the doctor.

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