10 habits that you think are healthy and that are not …

It is said that the obsession with a healthy lifestyle helps us to achieve the desired results. Marketing often takes advantage of our fixations and follows dangerous habits …

There are many habits that are now part of our daily life and that we are happy to have because we are convinced they are healthy. The truth, however, is that no one has ever confirmed it.

Yet these beliefs never die because those who produce certain products help to make them root in us.

bad habits

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If you care about your well-being and you want to be on the safe side, start with these!

1. Rinse your mouth with water

What seems to us to be the most natural action in the world does not really benefit our dental health. When the mouth is rinsed with water after washing the teeth, the protective layer of fluoride deposited there is removed. The ideal behavior would then be to rinse them with a special solution.

2. Run on the treadmill

Have you just bought a treadmill to train at home? Know that it is not enough to maintain the shape, in fact, in the long run can prove harmful to your joints. To avoid it, it is important to alternate the race with exercises to strengthen the muscles, to be done comfortably at home.

3. Use disinfectant gel

Usually using antiseptic and antibacterial gels can have a long-term effect opposite to the one hoped for, leading to the formation of new, even stronger germs. So do as your mother has always told you: when you come home, before eating, after playing with the dog … wash (carefully) your hands!

4. Take a nap in the middle of the day

Many believe that the nap is a real panacea to rediscover the energy needed to complete the daily commitments. But are we really sure that the mind is awake cooler? Often when we wake up we feel dazed and this is because sleeping too much can cause brain problems, especially in the memory.

Also, sleeping during the day can affect our sleep-wake rhythm and cause us a bad night’s sleep.

5. Repeat the basic exams regularly

Repeating the same exams every year often proves to be completely useless , as well as being expensive! You do not need to be hypochondriacal but focus on what we know to be our Achilles’ heels or on the checks that should be done based on our age or the historical period in which we live.

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bad habits

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6. Take vitamins

Change of season? Immediately in the pharmacy to stock up on vitamins! But are they really so fundamental to our survival? Not if we follow a balanced diet. In this case the vitamins that we absorb from food are more than enough and introduce others that could be dangerous for our health. Moreover, contrary to what they make us believe, vitamins can not be taken in large quantities to remedy bad habits such as smoking because, in this case, they can even accelerate the development of serious diseases.

7. Prefer diet drinks

By now all the most popular drinks have a light version that, although having the same taste of the original, would not increase the extra pounds. There is very little of truth; the sugars are replaced with sweeteners that are just as harmful to our health, which can cause heart problems, premature aging, diabetes and do not even benefit our silhouette.

8. Clean every day

Keeping the house clean is very important for our health. But even in this case it must not become an obsession. Being in contact with detergents and breathing every day the chemicals we use to clean, in fact, can cause respiratory problems, irritations to skin and eyes and headaches.

9. Drink too much water

We know how important it is to hydrate ourselves to cleanse our bodies of waste and toxins and to awaken the metabolism, but this does not mean that we should exaggerate. Drinking compulsively, exceeding 2 liters of water a day, can be harmful to our health, with more or less serious consequences such as: excessive sweating, insomnia, cardiovascular disease.

10. Wear low shoes

Rebuke your colleague because he puts high heels every day? Not even those too low are so safe for the health of our feet and our back. The dancers or sneakers you go to work with and the flip flops you wear at home can, in fact, cause inflammation, blisters, swelling and even fungal infections. Then choose dancers with the internal rise and, occasionally, clean your sneakers!

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