1-2-3, glow: five tips for glowing skin

Every woman – and man – wants beautifully glowing skin. Good skin not only makes us look healthy but also boosts our confidence and our self-esteem which in turn has a positive effect on our overall mental health. From the truly luxurious to the simply everyday skin trick that anyone can do, read on for our five top tips for glowing skin.

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Water, water everywhere

The simplest way to glowing skin is what we have all heard before: drink more water. For most of us it doesn’t matter how often we are told, we still don’t do it! The more hydrated your skin, the better it will look, and the great thing is that you will see the results for yourself in no time at all.

Feed your skin

What you eat directly affects your skin, with current advice stating that selenium-rich foods such as Brazil nuts may really help to give us healthy-looking skin. Sugary foods, tobacco, alcohol and starchy carbs, on the other hand, are likely to do the opposite by dehydrating us and filling us with unwanted toxins.

Makeup and makeup brushes

Leaving makeup on your skin overnight is like leaving the dishes until the morning. Doing this not only means dirt and bacteria are left on your skin but also the contents of the makeup may lead to dryness. The same goes for makeup brushes, which are notorious for being left in makeup bags, unwashed, for months on end. Wash them once a week in a little lukewarm water and cleanser to reduce the likelihood of skin breakouts.

Take a trip to the salon

Regular facials and skin peels are a great way to get your skin glowing in no time. If you want glowing skin, this really is something worth investing in. If you are looking at enhancing your appearance a trip to a Gloucester Botox company such as http://doctorkate.co.uk/gloucestershire-botox-treatments/ may be a great option.
Catch those zeds

It may sound as boring as washing your makeup off at night and drinking lots of water, but getting lots of sleep is an important pathway to glowing skin. Not getting enough sleep reduces your circulation, which is why tired people tend to look washed out. Just like railway engineers, human bodies are geared up to get their cell repair work done at night – the longer shift you give it, the better the results.

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